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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sex talk: What are we REALLY saying? 2016 Edition

I blogged about this back in Sept of 2013 and recently I’ve felt the need to update. SOOOOO….

Let’s start with a refresher

…There is something about being in the throes of arousal and pleasure that causes us (all of us) to string words together so eloquently.  Most of us understand that “sex talk” should be taken seriously DURING intercourse but should be taken very lightly at any other time. That does not mean the person who is “sex talking” is being dishonest, but, like any other intoxicant, sex causes the brain to respond to stimuli in a less that usual manner. It causes us to step outside of our norm or comfort zone and explore an entirely new way of operating and speaking.  For example if someone were to ummmm let’s say put their hands gingerly around your throat (randomly popped in my head) while you were somewhere in a common setting (work, school, meetings) the response would be different than if someone were to do it during intercourse. Sex Talk should not be confused with talking about sex, although talking about sex could naturally lead to “sex talk” if done correctly. 

Sex Talk: conversation that occurs during foreplay, sexual intercourse (blending) of any kind, occasionally immediately following or intimate conversation to promote arousal. AKA talking dirty, nasty talk, being freaky..

********Note Sex talk is ALWAYS a mutual exchange in some fashion.  Randomly shouting out or whispering obscenities to strangers or someone who is not interested in you is sexual harassment.  Let’s not do that.  

Scroll Down to see 2013 translations


I love you

2013       I love how I am feeling with you…. Right now 2.) These sensations are causing a spike in my emotional capacity 3.) I am fond of you 4.) I actually love you (not likely)

2016       1.You said it first so I’m saying it back. 2. You are making me feel really good, 3. I love you in the general since of the word like “I love of people”.


Put it in!

2013       Although I am sure that you plan on penetration happening during this session I would like for you to do that sooner rather than later.  Like right now!

2016       1. You are taking too long to insert your penis into me 2. It slipped out and I was just about to cum so hurry up before I lose this feeling.


I’m about to cum/I’m cumming

2013       Men: Im about to cum or Im in the process of cumming.

Women: if you continue to do EXACTLY what you are doing for an extended period of time I will eventually have and orgasm. Usually followed or preceded by “Don’t stop”

2016       Men: Im cumming ret now so you better get your quickly

Women: 1. Please don’t stop or doing anything stupid because I am really enjoying this and if you keep going I will FINALLY have an orgasm 2. Your sex is garbage and I want you to stop 3. Meh 4. You need a little motivation to work harder 5. This feels really good but you not going to make me cum so let’s just stop soon. 6. I like you and I want you to feel good about your efforts


Don’t stop

2013       Don’t fucking stop or don’t stop fucking depending on how you want to look at it.

*note* don’t stop refers to doing the EXACT thing you are doing at the time it is said.  This is not the time to be creative and throw in a new move. Don’t stop is usually followed by I’m about to cum (see instructions above)

2016       See 2013


It’s yours

2013       I am enjoying what you are doing so much that I would like for you to be the one to do it again.

2016       1 I’m dating/sleeping with several people but I enjoy you’re the most 2 You fuck/suck/lick the best 3 I really like how this feels 3 Your insecure and I want to reassure you that you don’t have to worry about our relationship


I’m yours

2013       I’m yours…… right now (this is a time sensitive statement)

2016       See 2013


You’re the best (I have ever had)

2013       You are performing very well at this moment. (Also time sensitive)

2016       1 You are putting in more effort than I am used too 2 Got have some tricks I haven’t seen 3 You are actually the best (not likely) but if they add “for real” or “Im serious” that it probably true


Ride it!

2013       Generally used by men to express the desire for their partner to straddle them and move rhythmically up and down on their penis.

2016       See 2013 but may also refer to riding their face


Eat it!

2013       Generally used by women to express the desire for cunnilingus to be performed well

2016       See 2013


Suck it!

2013       Generally used by men to express the desire for fellatio to be performed well

2016       Used by all genders to express the desire for a certain body part to be sucked. Generally wherever the mouth is at that time


Oooohhh *insert explicative*

2013       I really like that

2016       1. That feels really good 2. It feels so good all I can do is curse



Common “do harm to me” phrases with translation

2013       “Do harm to me” as I like to call them are phrases that are given in “instruction” form.  These phrases state an action that the speaker would like for their partner to do at the time of intercourse.  There are too many to cover but several are listed below

Choke me, Slap me, Spank me, Pull my hair, Bite me, ______ me harder (can be borderline)

Pound it! Hit it! Beat it up! (Referring to the use of the penis as a thrusting devise)


*Note* translations can very depending on situations.  Also if you feel the need to defend your “sex talk” you need some help this is for fun

2016       “Do harm” phrases can go both ways by request *see 2013* or informing of intent I’m going to ____ you


More 2016

You’re my _______

  1. The way that I’m making you feel I think that I have the right to call you mine 2. We have established a certain relationship that I’m acknowledging right now 3. I really would like for you to be my____ 4. This feels good so I want it again, and again, and again 5. I’m going to make you some tacos (inside joke) 5 I know you are seeing other people but I feel like we have something special










Feel free to add more this is a continuous post and more will be translated later